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Divorce mediation Located in Howard County, Columbia, Maryland can save you thousands of dollars and lead to a mutually beneficial settlement that works for couples and children.  You don't need a lawyer, but you do need experience to mediate and  navigate through this process.

Mediate ... Don't Litigate!

Breaking Up Doesn't Have to Tear You Apart
Children are too important to fight over!
Columbia Mediation
Mediate Cooperative Divorce
Civil Mediation
Business Resolution
Michael B Levine
Divorce Mediator
Paul R Nathan
Divorce Mediator, Counselor at Law
Divorce doesn't have to be a battle!
Columbia Mediation Can:
Guide you through your separation and divorce
Write a separation agreement in plain English
Assist you through the court system
Our goal is to help you keep your assets, your sanity and
your emotional well being!
Cooperation saves money, fighting costs!
Don't pay thousands and thousands of dollars to be adversaries when Columbia Mediation can help you to:
Work it out, not fight it out!
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